Cooler Master MasterFan SF120M Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-10-19
Packaging & Bundle
Sporting Cooler Master’s typical colour scheme of black and purple, the MasterFan SF120M is encased in a long, shallow box. The front shows quite clearly what’s inside with the product’s title written underneath.

The reverse is a rather boring affair, as far as packaging goes, with only a multilingual summary of the fan’s features.

If you open the front ‘door’ of the packaging, you get a small glimpse at the fan and a much more in-depth description of the technology and specifications inside.

Laying out all of the included bits and pieces, there’s the 120mm SF120M case fan, 4 anti-vibration rubber fan mounts, 4 mounting screws, 3 cable ties, an instruction leaflet and a pair of cables. The two cables serve the same purpose, give or take. They’re both 4-pin PWM cables but if you’re using a single fan, or want to control them individually, the shorter cable is the one you’ll use. Whereas with the longer cable, you can daisy chain three of the fans together to help with cable routing and fan management.

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