Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S White Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-02-17
Closer Look

As there are fewer keys thus less space, the MasterKeys Pro S does without dedicated profile keys, instead, the default profile remains as Fn + Esc, while the 4 additional profiles to which you can customise and save your own settings and macros, are now doubled up as Fn 1-4 on the number keys. Fn + F1 turns the LED lighting on/off, Fn + F2/3 decreases/increases the brightness respectively, while Fn + F4 swaps the lighting mode. F5 - F8 adjusts the repeat rate of the keyboard.

Here we see that the F9 key doubles up as the Windows Lock key, F10 is the LED record function, allowing you to customise your layout, while F11, F12, Print Scr, Scroll Lock and Pause are the Macro Record, Delete, single, toggle and loop inputs. The Cursor keys act as the Speed up/ slow down lighting effect, which the left/right keys change lighting direction.

The side view displays that the keyboard has a slight natural taper, making the keys easier to access for typing. The steep sides of the frame give the MasterKeys Pro S an almost monolithic appearance.

The MasterKeys pro S connects via a detachable cable and unlike many older keyboards that used a detachable cable using a miniUSB port, we can see that it uses the more ubiquitous microUSB connection.

The model we have features the Cherry MX Blue switches which are tactle/clicky, and are accompanied by dummy key stabilisers rather than metal bars. Some have asked about the differences between the two, so let's give a little breakdown. The Cherry type stabilisers (dummy switches) allow the key-caps to be removed easier and are quiet while providing decent pressure distribution. The metal bars (Costar type) can often be noiser, make removing the larger key-caps (shift, enter, space bar) significantly more difficult to remove, however the pressure distribution is superior giving a much more reliable and natural keystroke. Preference is subjective, historically we weren't too keen on the Costar stabs due to the rattle/noise they can produce, but lately their implementation has been much better and so each have their own merits that we enjoy equally, so long story short, unless you have already developed your own preference, this isn't really something to worry about.

Underneath the MasterKeys Pro S is flat and plain with just a few non-slip pads and the angle adjustment feet.

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