Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S White Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-02-17
Controls & Lighting
The lighting effects on the MasterKeys Pro S White are not quite as extensive as you would find on the RGB model, reflected by the slightly slower MCU used. That being said, the MCU is still powerful enough to handle all the inputs and commands that has been implemented here. The lighting modes include 'Static, Wave (direction adjustable), firework (forms a cross over the key you press), reactive, breathing, rain, custom, snake and more. Something we failed to mention with the MasterKeys Pro L RGB is that Cooler Master have also provided an SDK for users to create their own advanced lighting effects that can also be shared.

The commands are a little more straightforward with the white versions of the MasterKeys Pro keyboards due to only being one colour, however, the premise is mostly the same, it is for this reason CoolerMaster decided that it wasn't necessary for a supporting app to help customise the lighting/colours as with the RGB version.

Macros are also supported, they can be recorded on the fly by pressing Fn + F10, the lights will then dim a little awaiting for you to then press which key you wish to assign the macro to. (To record a macro you must be using one of the primary 1-4 profiles, not the default 'Esc' profile). Once you have decided which key you will assign the macro too, the lights will then turn off, awaiting for you to input the series of keystrokes you wish to record. Once you have done so, you will then need to press Fn + single/toggle/loop to finish, and Fn + Esc to save. If you press the Fn key, it will cause all active keys to flash on the keyboard indicating which is in use. Once you have recorded a macro, it will playback the keystrokes with preset intervals loosely based on the actual timings input. The timings are not real-time, but a little slower and maybe robotic, so they may not be entirely useful for those that input long-strings and expect a near instantaneous result.

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