Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S White Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-02-17

One of the driving factors of the popularity of the Quick Fire XTi and likely the MasterKeys Pro series is that they are minimalistic and (mostly) driverless, yet still contain many advanced features. This means that there is little effort in regards to setting up. It has on-board memory to save your settings to each profile, making it easy to take your macros and custom lighting effects with you to whichever system you may be using. This level of transportability is increased with the MasterKeys Pro S simply because of its compact and lightweight stature, sitting at around 20% smaller than the full-size equivalent. The large white LEDs used by Cooler Master, are as described, Super bright! It is almost piercing in a dark room at 100% brightness. The case made for choosing white LED backlighting for their static option is sound, as it means there is no need to create a different coloured backplate for a the RGB and White Keyboards, and it means that they can offer all colours effectively.

There is no real deal breaker to the MasterKeys Pro S White, it is available in various switch types to suit all preferences, and gamers will specifically love the additional room for their mouse. If you are regularly moving around between different systems, the MasterKeys Pro S offers that extra transportability again due to its size.

In regards to how I think it could be improved as a product, I would start by lowering its height, bringing it closer to form with the ROCCAT SUORA or the HyperX Alloy FPS. If it can be reduced to 31-35mm in height (quite difficult for mechanical keyboards), it will appear all the more sleeker and will provide better comfort without the use of a wrist-rest. If a frameless design could be implemented, further space saved, I too believe that a TKL keyboard of this calibre could also earn some extra brownie points amongst gamers if it had a row of dedicated macro keys on the left side. Alternatively, they could keep it at this size and make it a wireless mechanical keyboard.

From the dazzling super bright white LEDs, to the form and functionality, there is little else more one could want from such a compact keyboard. If you are looking to downsize, or simply want more space on your desktop, then we would recommend that you take a look at the MasterKeys Pro S White, (or the RGB if that is your thing).

20% smaller in size compared to the MasterKeys Pro L, the MasterKeys Pro S White is still big on features, if that wasn't enough, the super bright white LEDs will certainly capture everyone's attention.

+ Solid Construction
+ Ultra compact
+ Choice of Cherry MX Red, Blue, and Brown switches
+ Super Bright white LED lighting + various effects
+ Easy setup/ no software needed
+ 4 + 1 On-board Profiles
+ Detachable cable

- Seems a little tall

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