Cooler Master MasterMouse PRO L Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-11-16
Packaging & First Look

Cooler Master have moved away from the old CMStorm look, and have moved onto a minimalistic elegance that is both clear and attractive. The gunmetal grey colour theme helps the colour wheel dance off the packaging, while the image of the mouse itself does all the talking.

The front cover opens up and reveals information about the specification and gives an overview of the product.

The rear gives a brief description of the features in various languages.

Inside we are greeted by a box of additional extras packed in well with protective foam.

Included in the box are additional textured side grips and a slightly longer top shell for those that prefer a palm grip.

The MasterMouse PRO L has a reinforced cable lead, giving extra strength to prevent damage when the cable is snagged. The cable is 1.8m long and is braided, ending with a gold plated USB connector.

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