Cooler Master MasterMouse PRO L Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-11-16
Closer Look

The shape is symmetrical, as expected with an ambidextrous design, featuring a slightly wider rear section when compared to the front.

The front too is rather plain, giving the whole design a more minimalistic appeal due to having no additional buttons around the mouse wheel.

The side buttons are relatively large and are positioned slightly forward of the central point.

Interestingly, the rear logo is not the lighting zone as seen with most RGB LED lighting of late. There is a lighting bar that frames the rear base of the mouse instead.

The right hand side is a mirror image of the left, affording side buttons for left handers in a true ambidextrous design.

Underneath the sensor is positioned central to the base, sitting behind that is a hex shaped rubber plug that covers up a screw used to hold the top shell in place. Towards the front of the mouse you will find the DPI button. Strange place to put it, especially when it too is counted as a programmable button.

Stripped down, the product reminds us of what we experienced with the ROCCAT KIRO however, the side buttons cannot be removed/covered with a blank. Something that may disappoint some. The side grips are held in place magnetically.

there are two pairs of side grips and each have a variant of the heavy duty UV coating, one is a textured, high grip surface, (right), the default is the smooth surface.

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