Cooler Master MasterMouse PRO L Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-11-16

Overall the MasterMouse PRO L is a nice step away from the old Sentinel and CMStorm mice in general. It is a much more elegant, modern desirable mouse that has been fitted with features that people have come to want and expect. Not only does it look good, but it feels good too. Performance in game was fine, but the jitter we noticed could be improved upon, though that could happen with a firmware update. Considering the price point, the MasterMouse PRO L, offers some interesting features not seen in its rivals.

The included extras are a nice addition, though we could argue that the extra grips aren't entirely needed. I think most people would be happy to just save a little and do without. Especially as 3D printers still aren't yet widespread, as with the knowledge to customise a 3D design at home, and so this feature is only available to a limited few. We can also argue that the slightly longer shell has little impact on grip comfort, and despite feeling fantastic and comfortable, some will simply prefer a larger mouse.

Overall there are few minor points to pick up on, such as the inaccessible programmable button on the base, the stiff cable, and a little jitter (which could be ruled out with a firmware update). Despite these, it is hard to deny that the MasterMouse PRO L is an attractive mouse with a whole host of features that is available for less than its various competitors, and so there is no reason why this mouse shouldn't be on your shortlist.

The MasterMouse PRO L is elegant, its lighting is beautiful, and the finish is deadly, keep your eye on this!

+ Solid construction
+ Comfortable for any grip
+ Ambidextrous
+ Top quality UV coating
+ Excellent new software
+ Attractive aesthetics and lighting
+ On-board processor and 512kb memory
+ Swappable Shell/grips
+ 3D Print Support

- Stiff cable
- Jittery at low speed
- DPI button on base
- Can't cover up side buttons with blanks

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