Cooler Master Silencio 650 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-09-12

Product on Review: Silencio 650
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Cooler Master
Street Price: 105 (At time of review)

Back in June, Cooler Master announced Silencio 650 the third instalment to join the Silencio Series.

Silence is the pursuit of many an enthusiast and this particular category of computer chassis is certainly thriving. 650 builds on the success of the popular 550 by bringing even more features within a much more refined package. Those who are looking for a quiet mid-tower with oodles of features could well have the ideal product today we will be taking a close look at all aspects of Silencio 650 to deliver a conclusive verdict.

Cooler Master on Silencio 650
Silencio 650 is an extremely silent mid-tower based on an elegant and classy design. It features understated looks and appeal that speak to wonderfully simplistic design elements with a flat diamond cut aluminum front door and clean lines. Silencio 650, focused on low operating noise despite its support for the latest and greatest hardware. It features two USB 3.0 Super Speed ports, fan controller, and a revolutionary DualBoot HDD switch. Thanks to sound absorbing foam mats covering the interior and specially designed air vents, the Silencio 650 is able to keep noise to a minimum and maintain low system temperatures.

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