Cooler Master SK650 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅21-02-19
Closer Look
Retrieving the keyboard from out of its carrying pouch and the first thing that we noticed is a distinct lack of branding on the front of the keyboard, barring the Cooler Master Halo which in this case functions as the FN key. The brushed aluminium top plate, contoured keycaps & chamfered edges make for a sleek looking keyboard and overall we find the SK line up aesthetically pleasing.

On the rear of the keyboard you'll find the Type-C USB port, and in this shot you can see just how low profile this keyboard is, from the base to the tip of the key cap is only 25mm.

Turning our attention to the back of the keyboard and we're welcomed by the cooler master logo, one thing we'd like to draw attention to is the lack of extendible feet, which again, we'll touch on again in our performance testing.

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