Cooler Master V8 GTS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅19-11-13

Product on Review: V8 GTS CPU Cooler
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Cooler Master
Street Price: £79.99

Cooler Master have been at the forefront of the cooling market for over 20 years now and although they have branched off into other avenues, their pursuit for the cooling top spot is still a desired accolade. Our latest cooling review takes us to Cooler Master’s boldest move yet with an aggressive air cooler named V8 GTS.

V8 GTS is colossal CPU cooler which features a triple-heatsink design along with a mounting harness which have two 140mm cooling fans attached. Along with the triple-heatsinks, Cooler Master have engineered the base of V8 GTS to have a ‘vapor chamber’ – helping to eliminate hot spots on the CPU.

Cooler Master on their V8 GTS
The Cooler Master V8 GTS is the latest addition to Cooler Masters famous V-series of Performance Heatsink featuring a powerful car engine look. The V8 GTS features a high performance horizontal vapor chamber. It spreads heat up to 8x faster than Heatpipes which minimizes CPU hotspots and quickly balances the heat load between all heatpipes. As a result the V8 GTS features revolutionary high efficiency and cooling performance.

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