Cooler Master V8 GTS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅19-11-13
Closer Look

V8 GTS is unlike anything you will have seen before. Its shape and design are truly unique. Cooler Master engineered V8 GTS to have a triple heatsink arrangement and have given the central heatsink a mounting cover. This cover acts as a harness for the dual 140mm cooling fans.

An aggressive looking CPU cooler

V8 GTS without mounting harness and fans

This unique triple heatsink CPU cooler makes use of a phenomenal eight heatpipe design four allocated for the central heatsink, and another four through the additional heatsinks.

V8 GTS has an arrangement of aluminium fins which are stacked in a condensed fashion the side heatsinks are horizontally orientated, contrasting to the central heatsink which is positioned just like a tower-style usually is, vertically.

An aerial view of V8 GTS

The profile of aluminium fins

The baseplate breaks away from the norm, usually CPU coolers simply have all copper heatpipes passing through them but V8 GTS uses a horizontal vapour chamber design instead. Cooler Master claim that having this base will eliminate CPU hot spots, thus spreading heat evenly. This base is semi-transparent, the surface is slightly uneven.

Vapor chamber design at the base

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