Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅01-03-10
Installing the Corator DS is a very easy, straight forward task.

If you have previously used the SecuFirm kit, then this will be very familiar.

Intel Systems

•Firstly insert the 4 bolts in the appropriate position on the Intel backplate. There are three sets of holes for LGA775/1156/1366 systems.
•Install the back plate through the motherboard making sure you use the rubber inlay if you have an LGA775 motherboard.
•Place the plastic spacers onto the bolt and install the mounting bar. on top, ensuring that the circular rim faces outwards.
•Tighten is with the 4 thumbscrews and proceed with placing the heatsink on top.
•Use the screwdriver provided to tighten the cooler on to the mounting bars.

AMD systems

•If your motherboard has a backplate, place the spacers above the mounting holes with the mounting bars on top.
•Thread the 4 long screws through the holes and tighten them.
•Finish by installing the cooler, and tightening the pre-installed screws until they stop.

The sheer size of the cooler does mean that the front fin stack hang above one of the RAM slots. This will not be a problem if you only use 3 DIMMS on an X58 platform or if your RAM sticks have low profile heat spreaders.

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