Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅01-03-10
Product on Review: Coolink Corator DS
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Coolink
MSRP: EUR 49.90 / USD 59.90
Street Price: 49.98

Many believe that the air cooling market is stagnating and that we have reached the peak of what we can achieve with the tower heatsink design. But over the last few months, if we have learnt anything from manufacturers, it's that innovation is the driving force to make any break through and the last few weeks have certainly showed that the market is still alive and going strong. Back in November, we saw the release of the Noctua NH-D14, and before hand, Prolimatech and Corsair managed to successfully intimidate leading manufacturers such as Noctua and Thermalright. Today, Coolink are attempting to do the same thing and with their years of experience, they hope to deliver excellent performance to the mass market.

The Corator DS is the brain child of Coolink and while it may appear similar to the Noctua NH-D14 on first glance, rest assured that Coolink use their own innovations to not only cut costs but to deliver unparalleled performance. Coupled with the previously reviewed SWiF2-120P PWM fan, the Corator DS certainly looks promising. Unlike Noctua, Coolink hope that this cooler will not be reserved to the ultra enthusiasts who would normally fork out a lot of money to shave off a few degrees from their CPUs. Priced below most high end coolers, the Corator DS looks like an even more attractive offering with wider appeal amongst users.

A bit about Coolink:

Kolink International Corporation is a cooling specialist established in 1996 and well known among industry insiders. Throughout the years, Kolink designed and manufactured many top-performing heat-sinks under various brand names that succeeded in international markets. An experienced R& ;D team and ultra-modern production plants in Taiwan ensure continuous progress, efficient manufacturing conditions and strict quality standards.

Kolink's retail brand Coolink stands for an effective conjunction of no-frills performance, excellent quality and attractive pricing. While Coolink held a strong presence in the Asian market ever since the late 90ies, it was not until 2005 that the brand was introduced to the European market on a large scale. After the launch of in late 2005, Coolink quickly became a well recognized brand for high-quality cooling components in Europe too.

For those who may be wondering, Coolink also falls under the Rascom umbrella, who deal with Noctua products. Rascom is responsible for the distribution, marketing, PR and customer support for both Coolink and Noctua, whereas Kolink deal with the manufacturing and quality control. Inevitably, Noctua and Coolink do share some know-how. However, for the most part, the two companies develop their products individually and Coolink don't have the compromise of having to create silent products. Ok, let's take a closer look at the Corator DS.

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