Coolink SWiF2 Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅13-10-09
92mm packaging

As you can no doubt see the SWiF2 range is a colourful bunch. Starting with the 92mm units you can see that the box art is somewhat in your face. They certainly wouldn’t get lost on a shelf!!! The front is windowed to allow the fan to be seen while the rear contains useful fan specification information.

The new livery is colourful!

The back contains useful info.

On opening the SWiF2 921 you are greeted by the fan, 4x solid metal screws, 4x anti-vibration bolts, a 3D Coolink branded case sticker and a fully braided cable.

921 front with box contents.

The SWiF2 921 is a standard 1500RPM unit with a 3-pin fan connector. It uses Coolink’s new Hydro Dynamic bearing which should last longer and perform quieter too. This increased longevity is reflected by the addition of a further 24 months on the warranty cover for the fan. 5 years shows that they have great faith in the bearing.

921 rear.

Next up is the SWiF2 92P which comes bundled with a PWM fansplit cable, 4x solid metal screws, 4x anti vibration bolts and a fully braided cable.

92P front with box contents.

The 92P is a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) fan that has an RPM range of 625-1900. It’s 4-pin connector is particularly well suited to use as a CPU fan.

92P rear.

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