Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro Thermal Compound Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅30-09-09
CPU at 2.66ghz

The Coollaboratory is already off to a flying start, beating the almighty Arctic MX-3 under load. The idle temperature delta was less remarkable but that's not what we're interested in.

CPU at 4ghz

The Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro really flexes its muscles at 4ghz, gaining a 4 degrees afvantage over the Arctic MX-3, which we already described as being in a league of its own! Despite the complications of the Liquid Metal application, it's well worth it seeing gains over some of the best thermal pastes out there. The metal alloy is very effective at transferring heat to the cooler.

CPU at 2.66ghz after 48 hours

At stock CPU speeds, the Liquid Metal Pro still retains its title under load condition but the temperature gain is only 1.5 degrees over the Arctic MX-3, no easy feat by any means!

CPU at 4ghz after 48 hours

48 hours later and while the Arctic MX-3 performs slightly better, the Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro redefines the meaning of non-curing. The performance stays pretty much the same, thereby retaining its lead over thermal pastes. At idle conditions, however, it doesn't match up to the Tuniq TX-3.

There's a slight degradation in performance noticed with the Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro but this could well be within the margins of error. Since this only concerns idle temperatures, it's nothing to worry about.

Impressively, the Coollaboratory's performance only changes by 0.25 degrees. More remarkably however, is that its line is below the main cluster, signifying much better performance than anything else!

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