Corsair 4000D Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-09-20

After spending some considerable time with 4000D it being apparent early in the process that Corsair has fulfilled key characteristics that make a computer case great. 4000D is visually attractive, it has been engineered with top-class build quality and contains a strong feature-set.

Whether you go with the black or white versions of the 4000D or 4000D AIRFLOW, both cases are easy on the eye. AIRFLOW will obviously focus more on the cooling ability with noise as a trade-off, while the standard 4000D (which weve reviewed) seeks to deaden the noise somewhat and opt for a smooth, sleek aesthetic. Corsair are also launching another SKU which is named 4000X, this model features tempered glass, 3x RGB cooling fans and a controller but is notably more expensive.

Build quality at this price-point can be hit n miss, with some vendors choosing to compromise. Even Corsair themselves have done this in the past, but with the 4000D, they clearly avoid this. Our case in question has been designed to have a solid chassis and robust panels.

The most significant of all 4000Ds attributes is the cable management. Within, system builders will find the RapidRoute cable management tool, which, even though it is simple in design, will streamline the process of keeping the internals clean and tidy. By equipping the case with a cavity and integrating cable ties, its never been easier to tie down those unruly cables!

We found 4000D to emit low-noise thanks to the thick panels and included fans. Cooling is good, but if you prefer something with more grunt then the AIRFLOW version is clearly the better choice. Our only criticisms with the 4000D would be the lack of USB functionality which sees us receive just one USB Type-A. We also feel that a closed off panel up at the top (similar to the front) would have been more coherent on such an enclosure.

4000D arrives with a price-tag of $80 USD | 80 GBP | $129 AUD which can be regarded as a low-to-mid range solution. There is a lot of competition at this price point but were confident that 4000D will do well due to its strengths!

4000D has all the ingredients for an excellent computer chassis. Those who want a solid case with plenty of great features, without spending too much cash should definitely take a look at this!

+ Elegant, refined styling
+ Arrives with two AirGuide cooling fans
+ Includes USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
+ Easy to install kit
+ Excellent build quality
+ Superb cable management
+ Can host high-end kit

- Would have liked to see a closed off panel at top
- Just one type-A USB on front panel

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