CORSAIR A500 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-02-20
Closer Look
As the packaging suggested, the A500 isn’t a small cooler by any stretch. With both fans installed, the outer dimensions are 180mm x 176mm x 143mm. Cooling performance, then, should be good.

The two ML120 cooling fans are arranged in a push-pull configuration, helping to draw in and extract as much air as possible. These cans can be moved upwards to accommodate taller memory modules.

Atop the cooling tower is a fancy, brushed metal lid with a prominent CORSAIR logo in the centre.

Removing that lid, you can see down into the middle of the cooler where there’s two installation screws that are used for the Holdfast Retention System.

Perfectly applied to the base is a chess board, only made from CORSAIR’s XTM50 thermal paste. The cooler’s coldplate is made from 4 direct-touch heatpipes, two 6mm and two 8mm.

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