Corsair Carbide Air 540 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-06-13
Clearance – CPU Cooler, GPU, WC, Cable Management

The limitations of clearance is a big thing for enthusiasts who want to know what they can fit inside the case and in this section we will be considering a number of aspects including water-cooling support.

CPU Cooler

Inside Air 540 there is plenty of space for air coolers. Up to 190mm of clearance is available for even the tallest of units. So there is no worry in this regard.

Graphics Cards

Air 540 also lends itself to housing high-end graphics cards with total clearance of up to 12-13” for the total length. Pictured is XFX 7970 DoubleD which is 10.5” in length. As well as having the support for the size of one card, this case can support SLI and CrossfireX since there are no HDD cages to obstruct the path.

Space for high-end graphics

Water Cooling

Corsair have designed Air 540 in such a way that it can support various sized radiators and positions. At the top there is support for up to 280mm radiators and of course support for the H100i (240mm radiator) pictured below. Furthermore the distance between the top of the motherboard and the case is such that thicker radiators have enough clearance too. Pictured is the Phobya G-Charger 240 which is 60mm thick.

At the front of Air 540 radiators which are 360mm in size can also be fitted though a 60mm thick radiator which we used struggled to fit. Pictured is Phobya G-Charger 360mm – you can see the mounting hole don’t quite match up, this is because the thickness of the radiator is pushing it ever so slightly to the side. Radiators which are 30/45mm thick will be fine in this area.

The mounting holes at the front are such that 240/280mm radiators can also be fitted.

Air 540 can house the popular H100i

60mm thick radiators also fit fine

60mm thick 360mm radiator struggles to match up

Cable Management

Lastly, the cable management. In this regard Air 540 excels – unlike other cases, there is an over generous amount of distance between the back of the motherboard tray and the side panel. A total of 12cm of clearance is available which results in no excuse for poor cable management.

Massive clearance for cable management

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