Corsair Carbide Series 500R Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-11-11

Corsair’s new Carbide series has gathered plenty of momentum in the short time it has been around. Gone are the days when a great quality mid-tower with all the features you could want would cost you over £100.

I’ve been impressed by the 500R and actually quite excited about sharing this review with you. 500R looks spectacular in white – Corsair have done a great job in almost every aspect of this case but the visual appearance is fundamental to all the hype surrounding it, it just oozes style and charisma.

Moving inside the case we are greeted with a roomy expanse that is littered with cable management cut-outs and tool-less design mechanisms. Getting kit inside 500R is a doddle thanks to the space. Creating good cable management inside the case is easy – clearance and convex side panels work hand-in-hand to making this possible.

Cooling performance inside 500R is as you would expect impressive thanks to the 4x case fans all situated in traditional airflow spots. We don’t have to settle for linear fan speed also, the 500R has a fan controller on the front panel. Here we can switch between 3 different fan speeds to suit the user’s individual needs.

Priced at £89inc. VAT the 500R is a great value for money buy – it ticks all the right boxes in terms of what enthusiasts and gamer’s want and it will seriously rival some of the heavyweight’s on the other side of £100.

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+ Unique, attractive looks
+ Great value for money
+ Good thermal performance
+ 4 cooling fans pre-installed
+ Fan control and LED switch

- Flexing on HDD trays

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