Corsair Carbide Series 678C Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-03-19

It might be odd to see another computer chassis enter the market without RGB but after all is said and done, there’s a lot to like about Corsair’s new addition to the Carbide Series. Not only does this case achieve near-silence but it also offers a lot of features including a USB 3.1 Gen2 port.

Available in black or white, the 678C is an elegant, stylish computer chassis capable of housing up to E-ATX motherboards. Inside there is enough space to install the biggest of components whether that is the CPU cooler, graphics card or even super-sized water cooling radiators.

Out of the box in its stock condition the 678C arrives with three 140mm cooling fans (SP140 PWM) which should be sufficient for most users’ needs, however there is the option to deck this chassis out with up to nine 120mm fans or seven 140mm fans.

We’re really pleased to see that Corsair has included two options for the top panel – allowing the user the choice between better airflow or lower noise. Not only is it superb to have this available but swapping between the options is quick and simple too.

The only points we’d raise which could be regarded as tedious is the limited space behind the motherboard tray which adds extra time when setting out cabling. If the cables are protruding, this can mark the noise damping material on the inside of the side panel. You’ll notice in our configuration with the graphics card rotated and with the use of a heatsink for the CPU, both parts came extremely close to touching. Our AORUS graphics card is much wider than other models but this highlights a limitation if you have a wider GPU (120mm+) and a heatsink and would like to rotate the graphics card.

678C costs £179 GBP, $200 USD and $279 AUD. This is in the upper bracket for mid-range computer cases but for that price we’re getting a big list of features and a case which is tailored to low-noise.

678C combines elegance, flexibility and silence. System builders who demand a plethora of features which aren’t just gimmicks should look no further!

+ Available in black or white
+ Looks stylish and elegant
+ Features USB 3.1 Gen2 port
+ Good build quality
+ Flexible storage options
+ Includes PWM fan controller
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Very flexible for liquid coolers
+ Good cooling performance
+ Hinged panels are convenient
+ Optional top panels

- Limited space behind mobo tray for cables

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