Corsair Carbide SPEC 01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-04-14

It’s fair to assume that Corsair are known for their costly enclosures and whilst this isn’t an issue for some, it is for others – particularly in troubling economic times. And so, changing the focus to entry level computer cases is a worthwhile venture for Corsair as there is certainly a market for it.

SPEC 01 may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we have to remind ourselves of the cost of this case throughout our summarising of it. Yes, there are plastic elements and yes there are specific features absent but Corsair have actually been rather thoughtful with this enclosure. SPEC 01 may be basic but it isn’t boring.

Inside, Corsair has been resourceful by furnishing the interior with tool-free mechanisms for installing kit and have included mounting placements for up to five cooling fans. The quality and finish of SPEC 01 is surprisingly good compared to other options out there at this price-point.

There may be limited support for water cooling but then would you really spend £75 / $100 on a Hydro Series H100i and house it inside such an inexpensive case? That said, the graphics card compatibility is actually very good and provides accommodation for any card currently on the market.

The cost of SPEC 01 is where things get very interesting. This case can be purchased for a mere £34 / $54 – making it one of the most affordable options in the low-end price bracket. You’ll struggle to find a case which matches SPEC 01 in features and quality for this price.

With SPEC 01 in the spotlight there’s very little to criticise. This case is astounding for the price and we can see it being very popular for system builders who are on extremely tight budgets.


+ Easy on the eye
+ Affordable to all
+ Great feature-set for price
+ Can add up to five cooling fans
+ Excellent graphics card support

- Default cooling performance isn’t great

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