Corsair Carbide SPEC 01 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-04-14
Packaging & First Look

Recyclable cardboard for packaging

SPEC 01 arrives in a large eco-friendly cardboard box. There is an illustration of the case on the front and on the reverse there is a breakdown of the technical specifications.

Inside, the case is covered in clear plastic sheet and securely fixed in place with dual polystyrene pillars to protect SPEC 01 during transit.

Large Perspex window

Extracting the case from its packaging we can finally get our first look of SPEC 01. This case adopts aspects of design from both the elegant and gamer camps for its styling. The prominent side features a large Perspex window which sits on a convex ledge, this offers a view inside the enclosure so that you can keep an eye on the system.

Convex panel for better cable management

On the alternate side we have a solid side panel which also has a convex area marked out to provide additional clearance for cable management. Both side panels are fixed into place with dual thumbscrews.

On the next page we’ll explore the external design and features of SPEC 01 in more detail.

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