Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB & 570X RGB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-11-16

Having reviewed hundreds of cases over the years we’ve seen how the market has evolved into the beast that it currently is. The computer chassis sector has become a fierce battleground and where we once had just a handful of contenders, the arena is now populated by an onslaught of manufacturers, each trying to gain notoriety and prominence. To lack innovation and to avoid creativity/trends can be catastrophic, we’ve seen various forerunners like Antec almost disappear into the shadows due to this lack of focus. But one brand which seem to have evolved and appealed to the masses with their creative designs is Corsair. So much so that they can probably be regarded as one of the key case designers to which others attempt to mimic in their engineering.

Today is a prime example of how Corsair manage to keep their product lines exciting and innovative. The new Crystal Series embraces the next big thing to grace the computer case market – tempered glass. We’ve already seen a few manufacturers design with this material but this panelling has appeared on concept chassis and models which appear as an exclusive/limited edition. But the Crystal Series changes all this, because end users, enthusiasts, system builders can now benefit from the luxury of having tempered glass on a mid-tower at a fairly reasonable price.

The main difference between the 460X and 570X comes by way of an all-glass design in the 570X. The top, both sides, and front take full advantage of 3mm tempered glass while the 460X has just the front and prominent side kitted out in this stunning material. There are some other obvious differences too, but both cases utilise the dazzling SP120 cooling fans at the front which offer RGB functionality – both sets of fans are connected to Corsair’s RGB fan controller for extensive customisation of speed, colour and effects.

For those on a tighter budget, the 460X RGB offers some great features while still using tempered glass and RGB lighting. Inside, there is plenty of space for large CPU coolers, big graphics cards and cable management is easy to control. If you’re wanting to use one of Corsair’s closed loops then there is mounting allocation at the top and front. This RGB edition of 460X will set you back: £149 GBP @ CCL Computers / $ 150 USD – the non-RGB version arrives at £30 / $30 cheaper.

While over in the 570X corner, we again have a strong lineup of features but there is a notable difference. This case epitomises elegance and it also pushes premium styling. Inside, there is a strong resemblance to the 460X but certain areas receive enhancements – the cable management for example has been given a detachable tunnel to fully conceal those unruly cables. Since 570X can be seen from all angles, where once it was a good idea to just shove the cables behind the mobo tray, this is no longer an option. The 570X is priced at £179.99 GBP (CCL Computers) / $180 USD which is quite hefty for a mid-tower, but we’re reminded that this is no ordinary mid-tower!

Corsair seem to have engineered both cases very well indeed, care has been taken to ensure removal and refitting of the glass panels is without any hitches – rubber mounts and extended screws are included and large, magnetic dust filters are easy to remove and clean.

There are however a few things to note, both cases lack a rear exhaust cooling fan – something which breaks away from traditional airflow methodology. Having a push/pull configuration is regarded as the model for all manufactures to follow, to guarantee good air cooling performance. On the 460X, we can perhaps forgive such an omission, but with the 570X we do expect at the very least a standard 120mm fan. Also, on the 570X the 3.5” tray appears to have the holes drilled in the opposite orientation to which they should be – the drive installs into the tray with its belly facing the outside of the case, exposing the PCB/underneath. Mounting the drive with the top facing the side panel results in the inability to fit the glass panel back onto the chassis.

The Crystal Series marks another successful venture for Corsair and proves why they remain at the very forefront of the computer chassis market. The 460X and 570X are two stunning examples of how your humble office abode can benefit from tempered glass and for lighting enthusiasts, these cases are simply stunning!

+ Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
+ Nicely designed/crafted
+ Flexible storage options
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Well-implemented dust filters
+ Excellent cable management features
+ Great radiator support
+ RGB fan control

- No rear exhaust cooling fan
- 570X 3.5” trays need flipping

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