Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅01-04-19

680X features a tempered glass panel on the prominent side which conveniently opens out thanks to two robust hinges. This makes gaining access to the internal much easier than having to remove screws/panels. Over on the reverse side there is a solid panel with ventilation for the power supply. After removing the side panels we’re met with a spacious internal design which can entertain ATX systems.

Not only is there plenty of space around the motherboard at the top and sides, but there are plenty of cut-outs to feed cables to and from the two chambers. The secondary chamber which features the power supply has a very generous compartment for storing cables – so much so that little care needs to be taken with cable management if this isn’t your forte.

One feature which we’re pleased to see is the inclusion of a bottom mounted filter which is detached from the side of the case – this makes removal and cleaning much easier than having to extract from the rear (which is typical of standard computer chassis).

Since the main chamber for 680X concerns key components only, the secondary chamber hosts storage and this comes in the form of support for both 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

There are three slots for 3.5” drives to be installed – drives sit on their side and are attached to a tool-less tray. Ventilation is provided at the rear of the case.

For 2.5” drives there are four slots – again tool-free cages are utilised here but these all sit in a horizontal fashion. It isn’t necessary to attach screws.

Lighting Node PRO which we mentioned earlier is found beside the storage cages and can easily be accessed when needed.

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