👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-04-20
Closer Look (Continued)
Taking a look at the Dark Cores underbelly, its immediately dominated by PTFE pads to allow the mouse to move around smoothly.
Towards the rear is the communication toggle switch between Slipstream 2.4GHz, USB and Bluetooth.
Mounted relatively far forwards is the PixArt PAW3392 sensor, capable of 100 18,000 DPI which can be tweaked in increments of 1, giving you an insanely vast range of DPI options to get things dialled in perfectly for your needs.

One thing that CORSAIR do very nicely that perhaps goes largely unnoticed is the quality of their USB cables. The 1.8M braided cable sports a small Velcro strap and thanks to its thick gauge is relatively tangle proof.

Finally, well take a look at the removeable side piece. Tucked away in here is a small receptacle for the USB dongle, very handy if you plan to cart the mouse around anywhere because such a small dongle would easily go missing.

Swapping out the side pieces is very easy and changes how the mouse feels quite a bit. By offering the choice CORSAIR have certainly opened up the target audience of the mouse.

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