👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-04-20
After spending far too long getting the software to launch, and then to function properly, we’ve recorded a demo video below.

CORSAIR’s iCUE software has received a lot of praise from us in the past, but this most recent experience has marred that somewhat. Firstly, updating to the latest version (3.27.68) caused the software to launch for 2-3 seconds and then close. There was no error message, no available further updates, Windows was fully up to date and a re-install didn’t resolve the issue, I couldn’t figure it out. Then I found a post on the CORSAIR forums suggesting that the latest update ties in ASUS in some fashion. The instructions were simple – delete the ASUS folder within the Plugins section of the iCUE install directory; all of a sudden, we’re up and running from something as simple as that.

However, we weren’t out of the woods just yet. The next issue manifested itself as “error” when trying to update the firmware on the mouse and dongle. Different ports were tried, as well as different cables, but nothing would get it to play ball.

At this point, another PC was wheeled into action. We got the same issue at the start, where the ASUS folder needed to be deleted, but then finally, we got the dongle and mouse to update on the second PC.

At this point, the frustration was beginning to set in, but we were getting ready to have a good look around the options in the iCUE software to then record our demo video. There was then another issue where the preview image of the mouse, which you can see on some of the pages such as Actions and Lighting Effects, would appear as a black square. Restarting the software fixes this but it does re-occur from time to time.

All things considered; CORSAIR have really dropped the ball on this latest release. Hopefully they can get on top of things and resolve the issues quickly.

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