Corsair Dominator GT PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual Channel Kit Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅07-03-10

Product on Review: Dominator GT - CMG4GX3M2B1600C7
Manufacturer: Corsair
Street Price: £162.29

There are two things you should take into consideration when choosing what memory to upgrade to, the first is overall speed which is sometimes called data rate. Such as the kit we are going to look at today - 1600MHz. The faster this is the larger the bandwidth and thus better overall performance. The second is latency, which is often overlooked by consumers. You may well have fast rated memory modules but if the latency timings are high bandwidth could experience issues.

Today we take a look at Corsair's Dominator GT series, a DDR3 dual channel kit designed specifically for the AMD platform. This kit has some pretty tight timings and is reasonably rated and since Corsair are one of the main players in the high performance memory marketplace it will be interesting to see how these modules perform a little later on.

It's a PC3-12800 4gb (2x2gb) kit aimed in particular at AMD based systems.
Whether you are building a budget rig or a top-of-the-line Black Edition gaming system, Corsair has you covered. With Corsair you can get 100% tested compatibility and well-assorted solutions for your budget and your AMDô system needs. Corsair's Dominator memory kits are tuned for optimal performance in AMD Socket AM3 platforms. The modules also feature Corsairís unique DHX+ cooling technology and sport green heatsink fins and highlights for the ultimate AMD-compatible look. An Airflow fan with matching green highlights is also included.

The DOMINATOR-GT is the ultimate performance solution within the DOMINATOR product line. Limited to only extremely high memory speeds, the Corsair DOMINATOR-GT only uses highly screened ICís to guarantee performance and over-clockability. Using ultra efficient Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) cooling technology, the DOMINATOR-GT modules also ship with the Airflow Fan to maximize heat transfer away from the modulesĖ all the while being stable and reliable. With removable heat sinks, the DOMINATOR-GT modules can even be outfitted with additional upcoming accessories with enhanced features.

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