Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 2133MHz DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅24-03-13

If there is one area where we always feel short changed it is in the packaging department. For items that are so prone to damage it seems manufacturers are content to churn out there kits and package them in simple blister packs which offer as much protection as an umbrella in a nuclear strike. Thankfully, we see that Corsair have seen fit not only to address this issue but to go one step further.

The exterior packaging of the Corsair Platinum kit is very attractive with a matt black surface exaggerating the chrome highlights. A recessed window gives us a glimpse of the kit inside without giving the whole game away. Dominator 'dominates' the front of the packaging though with embossed '32 GB' and 'Platinum' text highlighted with the chrome effect.

Flipping the package over we find a very basic run down of the many features of this kit. Perhaps the most important feature here is the product sticker which gives us the code which when researched online gives us the full specification of the kit.

Breaking the sticker seal, we open the packaging booklet style which is thoughtfully held together with a Velcro tab. Again we get another glimpse of each module through the recessed windows.

Memory manufacturers take note. This is how you package memory! Each set of memory is held in place by a rigid piece of dense foam. You could throw this box against a wall (not recommended) and we doubt the modules inside this packaging would suffer any ill effects!

With the modules pressed out of the foam we find that that isn't the end of the packaging. To protect against unwanted fingerprints and more importantly static, each module is encased in a plastic sheath.

Overall, this packaging has to be one of the best designed, most protective packaging we have seen with a memory kit which will ensure this kit arrives at its destination as good as when it left the Corsair Laboratories. Excellent start!

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