Corsair Force LS 240GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-09-13
Closer Look

Force LS is presented in a small but highly decorative cardboard packet. Key features are listed on the front and back including an emphasis on the drive being 7mm in height.

Within this packet the drive sits inside a plastic container with four mounting screws and a warranty leaflet.

Eye-catching packaging

The drive itself, as Corsair confidently affirm, is a mere 7mm in height and powder coated black meaning it will fit inside slim notebooks without any hassle. The specifications label is found on the front side of the drive this details the capacity and serial/part numbers. The reverse of the drive is blank and without any distinguishing features.

The front of Force LS

Blank on the reverse

To remove the covers there are a series of screws to de-attach doing so voids warranty, do so at your own risk. Under the covers we can reveal the inner-workings of Force LS. Our drive uses Phison PS3108-S as its controller and this is the first occasion Corsair have used such a component.

Force LS uses a total of 16 Toshiba NAND flash chips based on a 19nm process.

Phison PS3108-S used for controller

16 Toshiba flash chips

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