Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-09-14

Since their debut at CES 2014, the Cherry MX RGB, under the exclusive guise of Corsair Gaming’s lineup of new mechanical keyboards has been unprecedented. Never has there been such a strong following for a group of keyboards. Avid hardware and gaming advocates have been eagerly wanting to get their hands on this new kit for a very long time and it’s clear to see why after our first-hand experience with the K70 RGB.

Adorned in luxurious brushed aluminium, the K70 RGB is not only an office appliance to admire but it’s also sturdy and durable too. This is Corsair Gaming’s first product to launch under the new division and we like that they have chosen to retain a level of elegance, even on a mechanical gaming keyboard. K70 RGB follows the standard QWERTY layout but has some additional buttons in the far-right corner for added functionality – on offer are buttons to control the LED lighting, disable the windows key and manage the audio levels. It may only be subtle but the inclusion of independent multimedia buttons is a novel idea because it means that such modifications can be done on-the-fly without having to minimise the game or application and press Shift + F1 or ALT + F1 – like many other keyboards.

The overriding, standout feature with K70 RGB lies in its name. Corsair Gaming has partnered with Cherry to bring Cherry MX RGB switches to the table and as a result Corsair Gaming’s new K70 RGB has exclusive rights to this exciting new innovation. By combining intuitive software which is extremely thorough and using these RGB switches, gamers can now modify their keyboard with per-key LED lighting. Any key on K70 RGB can have its colour altered and on offer is a palette covering up to 16.8 million colours. Other mechanical keyboards which offer LED lighting simply accompany the Cherry MX switch with an LED and the customisation of the colour is restrained to the entire keyboard but this is not so with K70 RGB and as such specific zones can be given certain colours and these configurations can in turn be assigned to profiles for different games or applications.

From launch the K70 RGB can be found for £145 GBP / $170 USD. As an outright cost this will appear high for a keyboard but then we ponder on the unique features of K70 RGB and compare it against rival offerings in the same price-range – it’s clear to see a distinct advantage in what Corsair Gaming are offering.

Laden with quality and finesse K70 RGB brings a new level of customisation to mechanical keyboards. You can confidently push aside other mechanical keyboards on the shortlist, K70 RGB has all the hallmarks for a solid gaming peripheral and will exceed expectations.


+ Appealing to the eye
+ Brushed aluminium
+ Per-key LED lighting
+ 16.8 million colours to choose
+ Detailed software suite
+ Thorough customisation
+ Full N-KRO
+ On-the-fly buttons – LED, Disable Windows Key
+ Independent multimedia buttons
+ Detachable wrist rest

- 100% brightness needs more intensity
- Matt keys do tarnish with sweat

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