Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27-11-14
Closer Look

The M65 gaming mouse

The mouse itself has the rubberised soft surface seen on many peripherals and is anchored to 1.8m of braided cable.

Large sniper button

Quick DPI adjustment for extra precision when you need it is easy with the large sniper button. Just above the sniper button are the forward and back buttons.

Right side

Lefties miss out as this is not ambidextrous nor available for left handers, so the right side of the M65 is plain, though the side panels are textured for grip as opposed to being smooth like it is on top.

Customisable LEDS

At the rear side, the LED lighting gets seen through ribs in the aluminium chassis and is projected down behind the mouse. The lighting at the front isn't as strong as it could be, and isn't very visble unless you are in a dark room.


Underneath reveals the aluminium chassis, and the adjustable 'weight' system as well as the PTFE glide pads.

A weight off your mind?

Reducing the mass by 20.5g, leaves the mouse at just 115g which is a fair difference over the 135.5g.

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