Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅06-05-19
Closer Look
Taking a closer look at the mouse from the front and we see the first of the 3 RGB zones, the corsair Logo on the shell of the mouse. Another feature of note here is the 5 level DPI Indicator.

Looking at the left hand side the notable features here are the standard forward & back mouse buttons as well as the interchangeable thumb rests, after some trials we prefer this curved one as it gives us somewhere to rest our thumb which will help prevent any friction issues if you play on a rough surface or a hard mouse mat for example.

Looking front on at the mouse as we get a closer look at the RGB slits, 3 on each side of the cable, we have to say that these do give the mouse a futuristic look but it may also put some people off. We also see the DPI selector buttons behind the scroll wheel which offers firm but not too firm resistance to scrolling.

On the right hand side of the mouse Corsair have chosen to include a rubberised, textured grip which is pretty much a standard feature of all mice at this point.

Flipping the mouse on it's back and we see the PMW3391 Sensor that corsair have used both on this and their newly released Ironclaw mouse. Surrounding the sensors are 4 pads which are designed to reduce friction, these pads make the mouse super smooth to use, even if you're using on a bare desk.

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