Corsair Glaive RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅15-05-17

Product on Review: Corsair Glaive RGB
Manufacturer: Corsair
Street Price: £69.99/$69.99

The high performance PC components and peripheral manufacturer, Corsair, has released the Glaive RGB, a mouse aimed heavily towards the FPS gamer looking for comfort and performance. Featuring a custom PixArt 16,000 DPI sensor, a trio of interchangeable magnetic thumb grips, OMRON switches and 3-Zone RGB, the Glaive certainly promises a lot.

The Glaive is available in two flavours, black plastic or aluminium, resulting in a different weight and appearance.

“Corsair hardware is regularly featured in showcase “dream systems,” and we have earned the adulation and respect of the press, professional gamers and overclockers, high-end system integrators, and PC enthusiasts worldwide by delivering leading-edge technology backed by renowned service and support.”

Corsair certainly has plenty of experience of putting mice together, with many successes in the past. Let’s see how the Glaive racks up against the competition.

Corsair on the Glaive:
Corsair Glaive RGB was engineered for unrivalled performance and unmatched comfort. Its contoured shape ensures pure comfort, hour after hour of gameplay. Customize for the way you play with interchangeable thumb grips, and experience the control of a mouse that is made for your hand.

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