Corsair Glaive RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅15-05-17
Closer Look
The Corsair Glaive is immediately apparent as a premium offering, with an unmistakable sturdiness, a trait that Corsair seems to carry through their product lines well. The build quality is excellent.

The Corsair Glaive is designed for the right-handed FPS gamer, featuring a shape sloping off to the right-front and interchangeable magnetic thumb grips.

The left side of the mouse houses the interchangeable thumb grips, these are incredibly easy to swap out with a self-locating magnet system aiding the replacement. Above the thumb grip are two programmable buttons, they’re set to ‘back’ and ‘fowards’ within your chosen browser as standard.

Over on the right hand side we can see a chequered design for pinky grip.

A large scroll wheel, featuring a deep rubber grooved friction strip, wrapped around an aluminium rim. Just above the scroll wheel you will find the DPI selection button, which is displayed on the mouse using blue lights on the top, to the right (As you see the image.)

The iconic Corsair ship sail logo adorns the rear of the mouse; once connected to USB, this glows with a choice of 16.8 million colours. The entire top of the mouse’s surface is covered with a textured, soft touch finish in carbon black.

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