Corsair Glaive RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅15-05-17
Corsair has worked hard to deliver a comfortable mouse, capable of claiming the “one size fits all” title. The ability to swap the thumb grips is excellent, along with the ease of doing so; of course, you will more than likely choose one you prefer and the other two will get lost in a drawer, but it’s a bonus to have the choice. The OMRON switches included under the mouse buttons are brilliant, providing a very tactile click, which along with their predicted lifespan of 50,000,000 clicks, should certainly see you through many a gaming session.

The sensor performance may not be perfect at 10,000+ DPI, but the percentage of people who actually utilise that kind of sensitivity is very small, with most sticking to a much lower DPI. We feel it’s important to notify the reader of a small downfall, but also that it realistically doesn’t affect the mouse in any huge way, unless you personally require the higher end of the DPI scale. The ability to change the DPI settings in such granularity is something we’ve not seen before, which adds a nice touch of customisation.

Corsair are seen as one of the RGB lighting kings, producing a plethora of items with the “RGB” tag, however, the lighting on the Glaive is lacking any real ‘oomph,’ with colour reproduction being under par also. This could be an understandable move from Corsair if the mouse was wireless, but with that not being the case, marks have to be deducted; Corsair should do better here.

Corsair’s Utility Engine (CUE) is a great piece of software, which we’ve seen develop over the years. It doesn’t seem to lack anything important, with all included features working without fault, and in real time, without the need to “apply settings” repeatedly.

Despite some downfalls, this is a mouse worthy of the gold award. Priced at £69.99/$69.99, the Corsair Glaive RGB offers all the performance you should expect.

+ Comfortable shape
+ Interchangeable thumb grips
+ Good sensor performance (below 8,000 DPI)
+ Build quality
+ Appealing design
+ Excellent software
+ OMRON switches feel great

- Poor RGB lighting
- Jerky sensor performance (above 10,000 DPI)

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