Corsair Graphite 780T Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-09-14
First Look

Graphite 780T arrives in a large eco-friendly box which were now very familiar with. The actual box is double-reinforced cardboard and details some of the integral features for 780T.

Inside, the case is covered in a fabric sheet and protected with dual polystyrene blocks to ensure a safe arrival.

Large Perspex window and unique side panels

Super-clean aesthetics

780T is available in three colours; black, white or yellow - today were reviewing the white variant. Its fairly obvious from the sheer size of 780T that this case is characterised as a full tower.

Both sides of 780T feature an easy to remove panel a latch mechanism allows the panel fall away from the case. Having such a design means that its really easy to get in and out of the case.

The prominent side features a large Perspex window allowing a view of the internal components while the reverse side is pretty much plain. Both panels follow a convex contour, providing some additional space for hardware and cables.

On the next page well take a good look at the external elements of 780T.

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