Corsair Graphite 780T Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-09-14
Clearance – Water Cooling Radiators

780T is built for water cooling, of that there is no doubt. Inside there are numerous locations for installing radiators of different sizes and in this section of the review we’ll be exploring the options available.

Radiator support at the top

Only slim radiators will fit into the roof area

Up to 360mm radiator support at the top

9cm / 3inches of space to the top of motherboard

At the top of 780T there is a large amount of space for different sized radiators. 240/280/360mm radiators can fit here but only the slimmer type (2.5cm) will fit inside the top roof section. As you can see above, the H105 radiator protrudes out of the chassis.

Our 360mm radiator fits at the top of 780T without any problems at all. There is actually 9cm (3 inches) of space from the top of the chassis to the top of the motherboard for radiator and fan combos.

Radiator support at the front

Oversized 360mm radiators struggles to fit

Hydro Series can be installed at front

Just like the top of 780T, the front lends itself to being able to cater for 240/280/360mm radiators. Unfortunately, our oversized Phobya G-Charger 360mm radiator wouldn’t squeeze in because the end sections were just too bulky but thinner radiators will fit without any compatibility issues.

For those wanting to install a Hydro Series cooler, the H105 fits at the front without any problems.

Radiator support at the bottom

Allocation at the bottom for radiators too

By removing the HDD cages and the plastic mount at the bottom of 780T we can free up the chassis for installing even more radiators. At the bottom there is support for just a 240mm – which will be good news for enthusiasts wanting to install custom water cooling or even a Hydro Series – as we have in the picture above (H105).

Detaching the HDD cages may not be an issue for a selection of system builders, especially since there is 2.5” drive support on the reverse of the chassis.

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