Corsair H115i RGB Platinum Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-11-18
Benchmarks - Acoustic Results
As mentioned on the previous page, weve made some recent changes to our cooling department and the testing methodology. Therefore our results graphs are starting from fresh were working tirelessly to populate these graphs, but we hope you can appreciate that these results must be done fairly, and more importantly, correctly.

Perhaps even more important than thermal performance is the acoustic qualities of a CPU cooler; its all well and good having a cool CPU, but if you cant hear yourself think while its running, itll soon wear thin.

We test the Corsair H100i Platinum RGB using the balanced fan profile and extreme pump profile.

Firstly we allow the system to idle for around half an hour, giving it plenty of chance to equalise and the fans to find their optimal setting.

We then measure the fan noise at the end of our AIDA 64 Stability Test.

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