Corsair HS35 Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅07-08-19
Performance Testing

Design & Build Quality

In practice the HS35 is very comfortable and it holds up well in the comfort department, we used it in multi hour gaming sessions and didn't have any discomfort at all thanks in no small part to the memory foam ear cups & headband padding & the relatively low weight of 250g.

The volume scroll wheel has some resistance to it which is nice and the mute button has a tactile click when you press it in, the microphone also feels like it should be found on a higher end headset.

Audio Quality

The audio on the HS35 is rather bass heavy and it does not perform well for certain genres of music, however it is certainly usable for gaming. Usually with headsets in this price range there can be issues with volume however the Corsair HS35 performs well in the volume department.

The microphone performs better than what you would expect and it is easily positionable in front of your mouth. When using the headset with Discord and Skype the microphone was clear and easy to understand from my teammates point of view.

A demonstration of the microphone is available below.

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