Corsair Hydro Series H100i Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-11-12
H100 vs H100i – The comparison

For the purpose of comparison we have put the H100 side-by-side with the new H100i in a bid to show where things have changed.

An overview comparing H100 and H100i

Although the aluminium radiator design has remained the same there are some significant differences between the H100 and H100i when we turn to the pump. H100i uses a new cold-plate and manifold design, a new mounting bracket method has also been implemented – no longer is there a bracket fastened to the pump itself.

The overall shape and size is much more compact, the quality of engineering feels superior too. H100i has a USB port to enable Corsair Link monitoring and adjustment of fan speeds whilst H100 has on-the-fly modification.

Comparing the two pumps – H100i is more compact

The compartments at the end of the radiator (which hold the fluid) on H100i has also seen a change, it’s now larger to entertain the thicker tubing. H100 has a hard plastic, brittle set of tubes but H100i makes use of thicker insulated tubing to allow fluid to transfer quicker. The thicker tubing is unlikely to crack/leak compared to this new implementation.

Superior tubing, thicker and stronger

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