Corsair Hydro Series H105 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-02-14
Closer Look

H105 uses a 240mm radiator which is slightly thicker

Having the ability to accommodate dual 120mm cooling fans, the H105s radiator is 240mm but is slightly thicker than the H100/H100i radiator being 38mm thick. Corsair have spread out the banks of corrugated aluminium fins on this unit compared to the previous H100i and there are just 9 sections compared to 12 on the predecessor. As such, there is a vast surface area to dissipate heat with the help of the two 120mm fans to transfer the heat away.

Being a liquid cooler means there is already fluid inside the tubes/radiator. Corsair have used a mixture of distilled water with Propylene Glycol .The tubes which link between the pump and radiator allow this liquid to flow to and from by connecting to compartments within the radiator. Liquid flows into one and out of the other once it has cycled through the entire radiator.

CPU block with interchangeable ring

The rubber tubing which joins the block to the radiator can pivot to allow flexibility when installing.

Stepping away from the previous pump/block mount with and installation method, Corsair have improved this unit considerably by streamlining the installation process. The pump itself features the Corsair logo which illuminates white once powered up and as previously mentioned the silver ring is interchangeable with the red and blue options provided in the bundle.

Unlike the H100i which uses a square shaped block, H105 has a circular copper baseplate and as is customary a nice slaver of thermal paste is pre-applied so that you have the ideal amount applied and can get up and running quickly. The pump uses a 3-pin header but requires 12V so the CPU fan header my not suffice (as we found out) a SYS fan header should be adequate.

Circular copper baseplate

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