Corsair Hydro Series H80i GT Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-05-15
Closer Look

H10i GT utilises a 120mm radiator which actually has the dimensions of 154mm x 123mm x 49mm. This radiator is aluminium and features the new styling to which Corsair are using on all their 2015 radiators a gun metal strip runs down each side to add depth.

Observing the hose in close detail we can see that Corsair has used their premium nylon solution which gives the appearance of looking woven. This tubing is thick and yet still pliable flexing in the direction to which the pump needs to be positioned.

Along with new tubing, H80i GT also has a revamped pump which is significantly bigger than the original H80i. The hosing feeds directly into the top-side of the pump rather than to the edge with pivot points and makes use of another gunmetal plate with the Corsair insignia clearly in sight. This logo features an RGB LED which can be modified inside the Corsair LINK software.

Other things to note about the pump is the micro USB slot which works in conjunction with the supplied Corsair LINK USB header cable this allows the cooler to interface with the operating system and establishes a digital connection. Feeding into the pump is a 3-pin header to give the pump its power and two fan controller cables both SP120Ls will join to these connections to allow the software to adjust the fan speed.

On the underside of the pump we have the baseplate/block. This is circular in shape and is constructed of copper. Corsair has supplied a thin layer of thermal compound paste so that users can get up and running without having to apply this to the CPU themselves. This also takes out of the equation the need to squeeze out the correct amount of paste, this layer is precise and will give optimum results.

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