Corsair iCUE 465X RGB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-09-19

This is the second iCUE case that Corsair has brought to market – highlighting that they intend to push their RGB lighting eco-system even further than they had previously. For users who are or who are yet to subscribe to this, it makes perfect sense to have a centralised system for all products.

Glass and RGB could be regarded as 465X’s headline features and this case does an excellent job at presenting a visual impressive spectacle for all to admire. This chassis showcases a system configuration very well.

Build quality can be regarded as good, a steel chassis is married up with tempered glass. The only area which disappointed is the top dust filter which is thin and flimsy.

In the cooling arena, 465X does well thanks to two things – the design of the front panel and the three cooling fans. Though, this does come with a trade-off; noise! Since the panels are fairly exposed, noise can be heard but the very nature of this model is to focus more on cooling than silence and as such, it achieves this.

465X arrives with a price-tag of GBP: £99 USD: $150. Based on what we get, we feel this represents reasonable value for money.

If a visual impact is what you desire, look no further!

+ Available in black or white
+ Good build quality
+ Good storage options
+ Includes Lighting Node CORE
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Fits different sized radiators
+ Great cooling performance

- Noisy due to exposed panels
- No rear exhaust fan included
- Flimsy top dust filter
- Cable management isn’t easy

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