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Aligning with our review of the H100i RGB PRO XT, the 240mm version, we again find ourselves wondering quite what CORSAIR are doing. This release is such a small ‘upgrade’ over the adjacent models that it feels like a launch for launch sake.

What we do like, however, is the black enclosure on the pump. This is something we’re surprised didn’t come around sooner in CORSAIR’s AIO launches, the difference in appearance is huge, especially considering that the vast majority of motherboards, particularly those at the higher end of the market, have been black for some time now. The RGB lighting contrasts better against the black enclosure, but the lack of lighting on the fans is something we miss. If you’re going RGB, you go big, surely?

As we’ve all come to expect from CORSAIR, the performance is top-notch. You certainly won’t find yourself wishing for much more, but if you already own one of their watercooling loops, don’t go rushing to the shops either.

Installation, something we’ve always praised CORSAIR’s AIOs for, has taken a step backwards in terms of simplicity in the latest iteration. The aluminium that has been used on the radiator is much tougher than it was, which should make removing and replacing fans far more reliable, but the initial installation is tough. Perhaps CORSAIR could install the fans in the factory to remedy this issue.

For £8/$10 more, the Platinum seems like a better idea but if you really need that black pump enclosure, here’s your chance.

The RGB PRO XT range slots into a very small gap that, really, didn’t need to be filled, but it does look nice with the new black appearance.

+ Strong performance
+ Quiet under load
+ Black pump enclosure is a marked improvement over silver
+ TR4 socket support

+- Price

- Installation simplicity has taken a step backwards
- No RGB fans

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