👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-01-20
Installation is a relatively simple affair. The lighting strips, despite their appearance, are somewhat malleable and can be curved around the back of an awkward monitor. We were lucky, however, in that our test monitor, the ASUS ROG PG279Q, is the same model that CORSAIR uses in their installation video.

Regardless of that, the strips are almost certainly designed for a 27” monitor but you could make them work on the back of a 24”. We’d not go any smaller than that though.
The controller is relatively small and is easy to find a home for, but the rigidity of the AC adaptor and USB cables will want to pull it off the back of the monitor because of the relatively loose grip provided by the magnetic mounting pads.

The same can be said of the RGB strips. The magnetic pads are an easy mounting solution but they’re far from strong enough. The monitor controls for this ASUS monitor are on the back of the panel, using those can be enough to dislodge the strips, as can adjusting the monitor in any way.

All things considered; the installation is really easy but it’s not strong enough to hold the strips competently.

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