Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-07-18
So, it seems that retaining a perfectly good recipe and tweaking it slightly is the way to go; we’ve found very few issues with the Corsair K70 MK.2, while finding other features we definitely approve of.

The cable routing on the underside is excellent, giving headphone and microphone cables and easy route while not being in the way. As is the profile switch, which works independently of the iCUE software and can be moved from one PC to another. Handy if you use different profiles for specific games or pieces of software.

Raising up the media controls makes life much easier if you find your comfortable position to be more horizontal than vertical, especially if you tend to have music playing while enjoying your favourite games – the volume roller still wins our vote, thanks for leaving that exactly where it was Corsair!

The biggest gripe we have is the solid plastic wrist rest, unfortunately it just doesn’t compete with the other keyboards in this category. The Logitech G513, Cooler Master MK750 and Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 all feature a leatherette, cushioned wrist rest which is far superior for long sessions.

The new iCUE software deserves a tip of the hat as well, unifying Corsair’s vast range of products into one, easy to use application makes sense and with Corsair’s implementation working so well, we cannot complain. Not a single crash, hiccup or problem.

Considering the price has remained the same, and the formula still works incredibly well, in fact even better now, with the improvements; there’s nothing much we can say to put you off purchasing the keyboard unless the lack of a cushioned palm rest puts you off.

Dedicated media controls, RGB backlighting, blazing-fast mechanical switches and other gaming-orientated features make this a delicious product for any gamer.

+ Lovely, uniform RGB lighting
+ Dedicated media controls + volume roller
+ Cable routing underneath
+ Has USB 2.0 passthrough
+ Excellent iCUE software
+ Wide choice of Cherry MX key switches available
+ 8MB onboard memory + dedicated profile switch
+ Feels solid

+- Plastic wrist rest
+- Pricey

- Still only USB 2.0 passthrough
- No Macro keys

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