👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅30-06-22
CORSAIR possibly have more experience than any other peripherals manufacturer out there, and time after time, that experience shines through.

First impressions were great, the packaging is clean and informative, the keyboard was easy to set up and booted up in a beautiful array of pastel colours and the software took care of everything for us straight away.

Using the keyboard for a few weeks, while testing it, we quickly fell in love with the ergonomics of the soft-touch wrist rest and Cherry MX Brown keyswitches; these are fantastic for typing on without being overly loud but also providing decent tactile feedback for some gaming in the evenings. The media keys were angled nicely so they're visible from almost any seating position, the volume wheel feels lovely to rotate and the RGB lighting is very handy for using the keyboard in dim environments or at night.

CORSAIR's iCUE is easy to use, everything is laid out exactly where you'd expect to find it, it's bulging at the seams with features and options, looks great and is light on system resources. There are no complaints from us at all with the software suite.

The RGB lighting really pops on this model, it's bright as all hell, gives a massively vibrant range of colours and offers some pastel tones that we've not seen from any other RGB peripherals yet. It's something we've mentioned in this review time after time but it really does make a big difference to what kind of appearance you can gain.

You aren't spending 180 on a CORSAIR keyboard without the intention of gaming on it, so what's it like to game on? Fantastic. Our Cherry MX Browns aren't the obvious choice for gaming but they were fine, you may gain a slight advantage with an MX Speed or something like that, but which switch type you choose is entirely up to you, and CORSAIR have you covered with several options to choose from. We tested it out with a few games but mostly Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, it was a joy to use and it felt right at home from the moment the game was booted up, never taking away from the enjoyment of the game.

All things considered, we've been unable to find any problems with the keyboard, it does everything well, it's comfortable to use, looks great, sports a solid build and the software backs everything up remarkably well; there's really nothing wrong with it.

If you want a capable, robust, RGB gaming keyboard from a reputable brand with a healthy spattering of handy features, the K70 RGB PRO is the keyboard for you.

+ Solid build quality
+ Good selection of Cherry MX key switch types
+ Lovely RGB lighting
+ Well-equipped software suite
+ Removeable Type-C USB cable
+ Removeable wrist rest
+ Media keys
+ 8000Hz Polling rate

- None!

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