Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-02-17
Packaging & First Look

Corsair's packaging has settled since the days where they were trying to steer their gaming line of products in various directions and now feels settled, distinguished and comfortable. The packaging is the Black with with bold yellow accents and is easily identifiable as a Corsair product. There is a large image of the product on the front, with the model name and which mechanical switches it uses.

The reverse side gives a multi-lingual breakdown of its various features, as well as giving information about the mechanical switch types, the different sides to the wrist rest as well as discussing the new CUE software.

Sitting underneath the keyboard is a small, optical disc sized yellow box, inside that box you will find the quick-start guide, warranty information, and the additional keycaps, and keycap remover.

Again, sitting underneath the small accessories box, you will find the protective cardboard sleeve for the wrist rest. The wrist rest features a removable rubber insert that has a 'hard' side and a 'soft' side, though it seems to be more like a 'smooth' side and a 'rough' side to me. Unfortunately, the wrist-rest attaches to the frame by plastic hinges, rather than magnets.

The K95 RGB PLATINUM has a very sleek, well rounded finish that is not too dissimilar to the current K70 model, though as it is a little wider, it will not be compatible with the Corsair Lapdog. The overall finish is sleek, and more coherent than the older K95. The additional features like the textured space-bar, the macro keys, and the media key placements, just seems satisfying without being messy.

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