Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-02-17

From the aesthetic to the use of premium materials, the K95 RGB PLATINUM oozes gloriousness that can be seen and felt. Every edge, and every inch is meticulously designed to ensure not just ideal performance, but an ideal experience. Aside from the small, neutral white indicators, you can customise the lighting on each key, and as far as RGB bling goes, the LightEdge looks absurdly brilliant. Though if you are worried that it might be stuck on rainbow vomit mode, rest assured you have complete control over that, and each of the 19 LED strips too.

There are some clear counter arguments against the K95 RGB PLATINUM, and none more so prominent as the pricing. Sitting at 190/$200, it is a very expensive keyboard. In fact it is twice the price of many reasonable mechanical keyboards that offer a comparable feature set. Though, they will never be a beautiful K95. A K95 with advanced RGB lighting, and to really kick the competitors while they are down, a K95, with advanced RGB lighting AND exclusive Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. And of course you genuinely get a top tier level of performance and reliability from your keyboard. Some could argue that it doesn't have a headphone/microphone pass-through, but Corsair kinda killed that premise on the basis that the USB pass-through provided was intentionally there for use with a USB headset. And so, regardless of pricing, it would be fair to claim that the K95 RGB PLATINUM is, the ultimate gaming keyboard in aesthetic, essence and actuality. If price is no object, this is will likely be your #1 consideration. (Now make it wireless and rechargeable!)

The K95 RGB PLATINUM isn't just a mechanical gaming keyboard, but a reminder of how beautiful the interaction between man and machine can be.

+ Beautiful aesthetic
+ Dedicated media keys
+ Comfortable to use
+ 100% Anti-Ghosting
+ 6 Dedicated macro keys
+ Fully programmable
+ 8MB of onboard memory (3 profiles independent of software)
+ Choice of Cherry MX Silver or Brown
+ Shipped with a double sided wrist rest
+ Additional textured key-caps are included
+ Advanced RGB LED lighting + LightEdge
+ USB pass-through

- Price

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