Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅13-06-19
Closer Look
Inside the box you don't get anything in the way of accessories, but Corsair have included a quick start guide, which explains how to take advantage of the plug and play functionality of the M55 RGB Pro.

Looking straight on at the mouse and Corsair have gone for a minimalistic look, featuring only their logo and DPI indicator as the 2 RGB zones.

The left hand side features a rubber textured grip along with the standard forward and back buttons which have a nice, satisfying feel to them.

Looking at the mouse from the rear and we get a better look at the honey comb like grip that Corsair have adopted on their most recent mice.

As the M55 RGB Pro is marketed as an ambidextrous mouse the right hand side is a mirror image of the left hand side, including the back & forwards buttons.

Flipping the mouse on its back reveals the PAW3327 Optical Sensor along with the large, PTFE feet which aide in reducing resistance on most surfaces.

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